Lenawee County Conservation League



LEVER action
Gong shoot

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lenawee County Conservation League
1404 Sutton Rd. Adrian, MI
Registration opens at 12:00 shooting begins at 1:00

Grab your lever action hunting rifle and come out for an afternoon of fun!

The course of fire will be 20 shots standing at swinging gongs. The distance will be 100 yards with maybe just a couple at 200 yards to make things interesting. Any caliber rifle will be allowed as long as itís a lever action with a magazine. There will be separate classes for scope and iron sights.


Entry Fee: $20.00. Shooters may enter both scope and iron sight classes by paying a second entry fee. Each class will shoot for their own money.

Prizes: 60% of the entry fees will be paid back to the shooters as prizes. The break down will depend on the number of shooters.

For more information: Contact Steve Durren, Evenings, 517-902-7961